Fishing on Julia

Fishing is offered as a daily activity and your evening menu will depend on your skills to ensure fresh gamefish like baracuda, dorado, kingfish, sailfish and tuna. This can be great fun and you will certainly be encouraged to take the rod every now and then.

Obviously being a diving vessel, once we have caught enough fish for our evening meal, further fishing will be on a tag and release basis.

Where we fish

The majority of our trips cross the Pemba Channel, renowned for being one of the best fishing sites in the whole of Africa. It holds many records for large fish being caught there, proving to be an exhilarating experience for all concerned.

Fishing Seasons

There are good places to fish all year round but the seasons to note are between August and November and November to March. The first provides really good sport for the big yellow fin tuna, baracuda and sailfish with potentially huge schools in pursuit of smaller fish. During the latter bullfish season Marlin are the more prolific, sometimes showing in packs of up to ten.