Trips onboard Julia

Julia is hired on a per person per day basis so guests are free to decide exactly what they want to do on their trip. We specialise in tailoring trips to suite your needs and try to be as flexible as possible. All sorts of excursions can be arranged, from sunset cruises to customised diving trips. Below are a few examples of what we offer.

Day Cruise to Mnemba
From Nungwi we sail to Mnemba Atoll to enjoy some beautiful snorkelling and dive sites. We have lunch and dive some more before sailing back watching the sun go down.

36hr Trip to Mnemba
This is similar to the day trip apart from at a more leisurely pace. We stay overnight and enjoy a night dive.

5 Day Pemba Trip
A full 5 day trip across the Pemba channel to Pemba Island and back. This trip includes a fantastic sail and deep sea fishing experience, spectacular dive sites and a trip to a tropical rain forest. An example of this trip is listed below.

An example of a 5 day trip to Pemba

Day 0: Welcome on board at 5 PM in Nungwi. Guests arrange themselves in the cabins and get a boat briefing. Then we have dinner on board or in a restaurant in Nungwi, depending on the waves! After dinner, we get ready for departure, have a departure drink and start the overnight sail to Pemba. Whoever feels like sharing the watches with us are welcome! The skipper is always at hand. We enjoy the wonderful Southern Hemisphere sky!

Day 1: We arrive at sunrise in front of Njao Gap, in the North of Pemba. If we are lucky, we see hundreds of spinner dolphins jumping around the boat. After breakfast, we dive Njao Gap and Heaven’s door and then anchor inside Njao Bay. In the afternoon, we just relax and lie around the boat.

Day 2: After breakast, we can go and visit the village or the tropical rain forest, looking for monkeys or bush babies! In the afternoon we go snorkeling or diving, according to wishes. We stay at night in this most remote bay and enjoy the tranquil surroundings.

Day 3: After a lazy morning with a little swim and breakfast, we sail down to Fundu Gap and fish on the way. We then dive Manta Point and Fundu Gap, if the tides allow (strong currents!) and then go to anchor in the bay behind Fundu island.

Day 4: We sail down to Mesali island, which is a marine park and offers beautiful diving. We dive Revolution's wall (most beautiful coral) and Coral garden and then anchor on the northern beach, for some resting, swimming and snorkeling, maybe even a barbecue if we were lucky with our en route fishing!

Day 5: We sail back to Nungwi, over the Pemba Channel, fishing and looking for pilot whales, and relaxing after a full few days! We sail in Nungwi at sunset and bring the guests back to shore, and non moving ground!